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“I find the nature of Kailee’s work unique because she is so emotionally present during my therapy via her focus on my posture, how I am advancing or if I am experiencing any discomfort. It is that focus on my progress that inspires me to be emotionally present to my own well-being as well. Since I have noticed her genuine care for my recovery, I also want to match her efforts and be just as mindful to my own healing. She has employed the use of breathing techniques to alleviate pain and it has worked very well for me during my therapy sessions and at home. I am profoundly thankful to use this method and avoid using pain medication.

I find it a joy working with someone like Kailee who also displays such a positive attitude and who has such an approachable demeanor. She has excellent leadership qualities and I will follow her requests without complaint. Yet, I know that I can talk to her about anything and we are able to co-create a plan that benefits our entire session. Because she is so jovial, I feel the desire to do my part to keep the mood productive and happy. Having the right mind-set is crucial to wellness so I am glad that the energy during our sessions leaves me feeling vibrant and hopeful that I will heal.

I would like to add something quite noteworthy: I was very inspired by the exercises and positive mental encouragement that I received while under Kailee’s care, that I decided to continue following an exercise regimen on my own, immediately after I was released from her care. In one year, I was able to lose 45 Lbs and my health has improved so impressively, that I no longer experience any pain in my body.”