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whole body care for physical therapy patients

Did you know that PT’s can help with pain in the whole body, including your shoulders, back, hips and knees?

The great thing about having a PT as a care provider is that we take a whole body approach, because sometimes knee pain isn’t from the knee, and can actually be from the hip or ankle, and back pain can actually be from the way that you walk or move throughout the day.

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chronic pain and fibromyalgia management through physical therapy

Did you know that PT can help with chronic pain? Are you taking opioids or pain medications, without any significant symptoms reduction?

Mindful Movement PT is here to help!

Chronic pain is any pain in the body that has been going on for several months or longer, and can often last for years. When you’ve been in pain for so long, it can be hard to imagine your life with decreased pain.

With chronic pain, it is important to take a whole body approach, as well as provide education on ways to help retrain the nervous system. At Mindful Movement PT, we take a holistic approach that focuses not only on the physical body, but also how the nervous system and body interact and can play a role in pain pathologies.

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pelvic health physical therapy

Pelvic health physical therapy is a specialized area of PT that looks at pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Although we rarely talk about the pelvic floor muscles, they can play a role in hip and back pain, so understanding their function is important for many musculoskeletal conditions.

Pelvic health physical therapists focus on conditions that we don’t always talk about, such as urinary leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, bowel problems, pelvic pain and pain with intercourse - just because we don’t often talk about these conditions doesn’t mean that they aren’t important, and also doesn’t mean that they are conditions that you need to live with!

Your first pelvic health visit will look very much like a traditional orthopedic physical therapy evaluation. We will go over medical history and look at the whole body, looking at any other areas that may be influencing your pelvic floor symptoms. It is important to check the back and hips as well, because sometimes these can influence pelvic floor function and pain. Depending on your condition, and if it is indicated, the second exam will be an internal assessment. This examination will be similar to an ob/gyn appointment, and will be an assessment of pelvic floor muscle strength and any muscular pain which may be contributing to symptoms.

Physical therapy can also help women who are dealing with pain while pregnant, and can be very beneficial in the postpartum period as well.

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LGBTQ care for physical therapy and yoga

 At Mindful Movement Physical Therapy and Yoga, we believe that everyone deserves equal access to the care they deserve, and believe that no one should be denied care or feel fearful of seeking care. We treat pelvic health and orthopedic dysfunction in all populations, regardless of background.


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