chronic Back Pain - Looking at the whole picture

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Do you have chronic back pain that you aren’t able to get rid of?

Have you tried medications and PT/chiropractic without symptom relief?

My next question is this - have you have any abdominal surgeries? (Yes - cesarean sections count, ladies!).

The funny thing is, if you think about shoulder or knee surgery, where is the first place you go afterwards? Usually, it’s to physical therapy. Why isn’t abdominal surgical recovery the same?

One of my patients recently shared a great analogy as to why addressing the abdominal scar tissue is important. If you think about the layers of muscle and connective tissue in the abdomen as bedding layers (sheet, blanket, comforter, etc), having abdominal surgery is like sewing the layers together - they just don’t quite get that same movement and interplay post surgically (especially if you haven’t done any scar tissue work after your surgery).

Luckily, PT can help!

If you have back pain that has been going on for a long time and has not resolved, it’s important to find a PT to look at the whole picture (including history of abdominal surgeries).

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